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Greenest School in Canada 2018. Apply by April 30, 2018 and you could win $2000 and be named Greenest School in Canada.

Are you teaching your students about sustainability? Do you have environmental education programs for students and staff?

CaGBC and the Canada Coalition for Green Schools are looking for schools like yours – that are weaving sustainability education into their curriculum and bringing programs and activities to students that encourage awareness about the environment.

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Building the Prefab Schools of the Future

by Dr David Heath and Dr Tharaka Gunawardena, University of Melbourne - Prefab technology is driving the development of new classrooms in Australia that are a world away from the old “portables” you may remember.

Access to schools with high-quality classrooms and safe learning environments is something every parent wants and every child needs. And as our education needs rapidly expand, the modular classroom looks set to play a leading role in our learning environment.

In the state of Victoria alone there are 1547 government schools educating more than 600,000 students. Our population is increasing rapidly, with Victoria forecast to grow from 6.3 million to around 10 million by 2051. This fast population growth is accompanied by the need to develop cost effective solutions that deliver more schools to educate our future children.


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Schools of the 21st Century - Architectural Record Magazine

January 2018 - If there is any doubt that public schools are keeping up with research on the positive effects of good design on learning and emotional development, see the five following projects: they may be among the most adventurous in incorporating such ideas into their programs. Generous outdoor space, sustainable construction, and thoughtful interior environments are evident in each, whether confined to a tight city site or less urban locale.


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Number of LEED-certified schools hits 2,000

December 12, 2017 - For years, the Center for Green Schools at USGBC has kept a close eye on the way that K–12 schools interact with or purchase the resources and products that USGBC provides. It’s one way to tell how well the benefits of green building are reaching schools and school districts, and it also tells USGBC when we need to do some research to improve the solutions we’re offering.

Just recently, we reached a major milestone: 2,000 LEED-certified K–12 schools.

True to our LEED standards, our 2,000th school, the Rio Grande High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, operates with high levels of sustainability. With on-site renewable energy, the use of low-emitting materials and reduction in water use, among other features, the Rio Grande High School earned LEED Gold certification.

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5,500 U.S. schools use solar power, study shows

December 11, 2017 - In a field behind an elementary school in rural Middlesex County, Virginia, near the Chesapeake Bay, an ambitious plan has been taking shape: Schools Superintendent Peter Gretz and other local administrators are preparing to power their school district with solar energy.

By next August, Virginia-based solar developer Sun Tribe Solar expects to have an array of solar panels in place in that field that can generate enough electricity to power the county's elementary school and middle school—at a price well below their current electricity costs—while offering students, teachers and the community a way to learn about clean energy, reports Inside Climate News.

"We felt it was important work for our kids, and we wanted them to see the community leading in a way that was responsible and sustainable, as well as fiscally responsible and efficient," Gretz said.

The number of schools powered by solar is growing quickly. About 5 percent of all K-12 U.S. schools are now powered by the sun, and their solar capacity has almost doubled in the last three years, according to a new study by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), The Solar Foundation and Generation 180, a clean energy nonprofit.

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